Our Practice Philosophy


The patient is the most important person in our dental office. Our commitment to excellence not only must emphasize the technical skills of dentistry but also reflect strong components of kindness, and compassion.

Only after gaining an insight into the patient's concerns (his or her dental needs, wants, fear, and financial affairs) together with a comprehensive dental examination and proper diagnosis that an individual treatment  plan and options are prepared and presented to the patient. Each dental procedure will then be performed with extreme respect for the patient, absolute infection control, and supportive post-operative care.

In order to provide for the patient with the most advanced dental treatments, continuing education and improvements are continuous. Consultation with other dental and medical specialists and timely referrals when indicated are part of our continuing devotion to the patient's oral health.

Our staff are also carefully chosen with the above purposes in mind. It is imperative to have a team-approach in our practice.

We are very enthusiastic about serving our patient's dental needs and what is ultimately the most satisfying occupation of all services--the art of care and healing for those in need.